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Thursday, December 8, 2011

DinoAbout Fight Night: Round 1 - T-rex vs Giganotosaurus.


I saw lots of discussions about these two dinosaurs. Many scientists debate who was bigger, who was faster  T-rex or Giganotosaurus. Many people thought that length is the main rate. Many people thought that if T-rex had been smaller he would have been beated by "Giant southern lizard". But in this post I will tell you all about these two predators and what could be if they lived in the same time and in the same territory.

First I will fully describe both fighters and their lifestyle. Next we will look throw their weapons and I am going to try understand how were they killing. Finally I will decide who could win. (You may leave your opinion in comments).

First we will look on T-rex. If we look on his skeleton we can imagine well adapted carnivore with massive skull on the short but powerful neck. Approaching 12.4 meters long and weighing 9.1 tons it was serious predator. But it wasn't the largest predator as previously thought.
Let's look on T-rex's skull. This massive skull was 1.5 meters long. Large openings in skull reduced total weight and provided areas for muscle attachment. Bones in skull was very massive.  It was extremely wide at the rear but had a narrow snout, allowing unusually good binocular vision that makes it a perfect hunter.  The distinctive feature of all tyrannosaurids was very powerfull bite. Tyrannosaurus had 5 tons bite. It involved in large predator with strong bite because he must have preyed on such defend dinosaurs like ankylosaurus or triceratops.  If we look on its teeth we will see huge, D-shaped teeth that teared poor prey on pieces. The largest teeth was 30 centimetres long. As big as our head!

Another interesting feature is T-rex speed. Scientists believe that its maximum speed was 40 kilometers per hour.


Giganotosaurus looks more light built than massive T-rex this feature is the same for all Allosauroids such as Allosaurus. Giganotosaurus was quite larger than Tyrannosaurus approaching 12-13.5 meters long. But he surpassed T-rex in mass by at least 1 ton.

Giganotosaurus preyed on huge sauropods such as Argentinosaurus and he weren't able to pull such giant. But Mother Nature invent other deadly weapon for Giganotosaurus. Its skull looks more elongated. It was 2 meters long and was probably the biggest. In 2005 François Therrien e.a. estimated that the bite force of Giganotosaurus was three times less than that of Tyrannosaurus and that the lower jaws were optimised for inflicting slicing wounds. Its skull was fragile and weren't able to stand under big stress.
In 2001 Blanco and Mazetta that maximum speed of Giganotosaurus was 50 kilometers per hour. It proves that Giganotosaurus was more athletic than T-rex.

Giganotosaurus was quite longer. But long doesn't mean big. Giganotosaurus suspassed T-rex in weight. And we know that giganotosaurus was more athletic and he was easier to be taken down. T-rex was better balanced predator. But Giganotosaurus was taller and he had downward attack potencial and this factor makes Giganotosaurus winner in this category.
Skull of T-rex could make big enforcement, it could cower with power of 5 tons while skull of Giganotosaurus too fragile to pull massive T-rex. Tyrannosaurus could take down Giganotosaurus by one strong bite. Skull of T-rex was tough enough to use it like a hammer to deal heavy damage.  T-rex is undisputed winner in this category.
T-rex had tiny arms that can't reach head or it couldn't pull prey by them. But Giganotosaurus had two powerful arms with 3 claws on both arms. In this competition T-rex can't do anything.
T-rex had conical like teeth that made crushing effect. With these teeth T-rex could bite through armor of Ankylosaurus. Giganotosaurus had knife like teeth that slashing meat and the prey died by loss of blood. But teeth of Giganotosaurus thin and they couldn't hold fighting back T-rex. They would have broken. T-rex is definitely winner.
My version of battle
T-rex just have killed young Triceratops and it enjoy eating fresh meat. But he alerts, he has heard strange noise. And suddenly he has heard unfamiliar roar. Its the "King of Patagonia", Giganotosaurus itself. T-rex doesn't wait and attacks Giganotosaurus. But Giganotosaurus holds T-rex by its strong arms and is preparing to do final bite. But what is this? Giganotosaurus can't hold T-rex for a long time. T-rex escapes and bites Giga in the neck. Gigantosaurus is bleeding. Today T-rex has double dinner.

Thank you for your attention. That's all. Comment this post.


  1. wtf giganto mas grande y fuerte con brasos mas largos el ganaria ya que seria una pelea igualada peroel giganto tiene mas posibilidades


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